Track Anything, From Anywhere.
Amcrest AM-GL300
Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker
Real-Time Tracking
Begin tracking movements the moment your device moves.
Remotely Accessible
Access remotely via computer, tablet or smartphone.
Create a virtual geographic boundary and know the instant the device enters or exits.
Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable battery life up to two weeks.
History & Report
Accessible event after your subscription is cancelled.
Unlimited SMS and Email alerts. Log an unlimited amount of data for low monthly price.
Intuitive UI
Connect to your device using a beautifully integrated mapping interface. Monitor activity, manage alerts, and generate custom reports for the information you need. Unlimited access to tracking data via computer, tablet, and smartphone (mobile browser compatibility limited).
Intuitive UI
Versatile Casing
Able with stand direct hits from jets of water. Easily concealable, fits in the palm of your hand. Track vehicles, children, pets and more!
*IP67 Waterproof Magnetic Case sold separately.
Real-time + Exceptional Reliability
Take advantage of full quad-band transmission compared to other trackers operated on fewer bands. Exceptionally low-latency location updates posted minute by minute. The AM-GL300 uses professional grade components in order for it to operate continuously without susceptibility to signal interference.
Realtime + Exceptional Reliability
Premium Mapping Service
Robust tracking platform with satellite, map and hybrid views, powered by Google and MapQuest. Choose which view suits you best.
More features. More flexibility.
Stay Connected with Longer Lasting Battery Life
Enjoy enduring and reliable battery strength. On a full charge, you can use it for up to 10 days so you never have to run out of battery in the middle of a job or day-trip again!
One-Touch SOS Alerts
Receive SOS alerts via email and text message complete with instant location information.
No Contract
No binding contract. Your monthly per asset subscription fee includes access of up to 6 months of tracking data, unlimited text and email alerts.
Simple Pricing, No Surprises
Monthly subscription
No contracts, no activation fees or cancellation fees. $19.99 month-to-month subscription for unlimited GPS location updates and unlimited SMS and email alerts. Cancel anytime*
Amcrest AM-GL300
Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker
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